Honda teases Tokyo-bound Sport EV Concept

It’s only a design sketch, but it’s already gotten us excited

After showing the brilliant Urban EV Concept at this year’s edition of the Frankfurt motor show, where it was a surprising hit with the crowds, Honda is at it again teasing what promises to be a rather sexy concept. The plan is to reveal it at the Tokyo motor show in one month’s time.

Honda says very little about it prior to its reveal. The accompanying press release says the concept catches “the eye with a striking silhouette, friendly face and supple body surfaces, all designed to ensure the car blends into any lifestyle,” and that “the development team designed the sporty electric car to deliver a feeling of joy and emotional unity to the drive, achieved by efficiently combining the EV powerunit and AI technology in a compact bodyshape.”

For us what really excites us about this concept is the fact it looks quite sexy in the teaser shot (it’s clearly going to be a retro-inspired car with a 90s vibe, just like the Urban EV Concept). On top of that, if it’s like the previous concept then it might stand a chance of being put into production – Urban EV Concept has been confirmed to spawn a production model.

Alongside the EV concept, Honda will use the Tokyo motor show to also show the new CR-V crossover, as well as a celebratory edition of the Super Cub motorbike which marks a major production milestone – 100 millionth Super Cub produced.

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