Horrific pile-up on Nurburgring leaves five injured, 14 cars destroyed


Fortunately, nobody died

Every petrolhead should make a pilgrimage to the Nurburgring at least once in a lifetime. However, sometimes the gods of speed demand their tribute…

Ah, the Nurburgring, the place where everybody can drive at full speed. The place where major carmakers push their cars to their limits hoping for better and better lap times. The place where several people die each year because of horrific crashes. You see, there's the pleasure of driving on the Green Hell. And then, there are days like this:

According to the Rheinland Pfalz Police, 14 cars were involved in a pile-up after a Porsche 911 GT3RS had to stop because of a coolant leak, leaving a slippery track behind. If the first drivers saw the incident and managed to avoid the stopped car, many others didn't. They just went at full speed, ignoring the desperate signs made by the other drivers. Some crashed really hard – an Audi driver had to be extracted and airlifted by helicopter. Fortunately, nobody died, but five people sustained injuries.

So, a piece of advice: yes, by all means, go to the Nurburgring at least once in a lifetime and enjoy it to the full. But also pay attention to what happens several hundred meters in front of you. It can make the difference between life and death.

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