Infiniti QX Inspiration concept heralds the brand’s electric future


SUV body + electric powertrain = the winning recipe these days

Carmakers are always exploring new avenues that would bring extra profits, and since these days customers have the hots for SUVs, Infiniti’s proposal for a future electric car adopts such a shape.

The QX Inspiration concept shown at NAIAS 2019 backs up the brand’s claim that “electrification is a natural next step for Infiniti.”


In also previews a lineup of high-performance EVs that would combine an exciting driving experience as well as “range confidence.”


What we can tell you for sure is that Infiniti’s first-ever electric car will use some of the concept’s styling cues and will be positioned as a mid-sized SUV. What a surprise: that's exactly what the customer likes to buy these days.


Not many details are provided with the press blurb, but the QX has all-wheel-drive, we’re being told, and features a cabin that’s been designed using materials that subtly hint at Japanese sensuality.


Moreover, the production-ready model will sit on a new platform that allows the battery pack to sit beneath the floor, from where it will juice up the two electric motors – one on each axle.

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