Jaguar E-Pace baby SUV reviewed


Is it a match for the BMW X1 and Audi Q3?

Jaguar is really trying to make models that will pull their own weight in the current market context, and since nothing sells faster than small SUVs these days they brought out the E-Pace.

Sharing underpinnings with group stablemate the Range Rover Evoque, the E-Pace tries to position itself towards the sportier side of the small SUV segment, offering sharp steering and a rakish body.

However, as this first batch of reviews points out, it’s not really that quick and generally feels heavy – it’s not as nimble as you’d think at first, although it does claw back points thanks to its sharp steering and pointy nature.

But will good looks and the cool badge be enough to turn it into a success story? Only time will tell for Jaguar, although given the fact that the larger F-Pace is already the brand’s global best seller, it seems more likely to be successful in its aspirations.

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