Looking under the skin of the Rimac Concept One all-electric hypercar

It packs 1,224 hp / 1,600 Nm courtesy of four individual motors

Rimac Concept One is truly a monstrous all-wheel drive hypercar that is hugely competent and a head turner at the same time. 

We know it’s an all-electric car with 1,300 PS / 1,224 hp, but how does it really work?

Well, this short video was put out on the Goodwood YouTube channel to attempt to explain what lies under Concept One’s skin.

The car itself is a technical marvel - we were convinced when it was explained that you can turn the Concept One like a tank, without using the steering - wheels on one side go one way and on the other side the other way; we’d also like to see that in practice.

The company recently received a €30-million cash infusion by Asia’s largest battery, Camel Group, and is now looking to hire an additional 100 people; 250 already work for Rimac. It also has active partnerships with Aston Martin and Koenigsegg and promises more fast all-electric cars in the future.

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