Marvel at the new 2018 Audi A8 from all the right angles

2018 audi a8

New Audi A8 looks like a complete package from where we’re standing

Audi’s high-tech flagship gets the Auditography treatment and in all honesty, there’s nothing we could say to top off what’s expressed by the images below.

Eager to grab the Mercedes S-Class – BMW 7 Series duo by the collar, Audi’s new A8 packs a hefty tech arsenal reflected not only by its exterior – take the HD Matrix LED headlights and OLED taillights – but also by the cabin, where Audi really made it rain.

Starting with the 10.1-inch Audi Virtual Cockpit and ending with the mild hybrid technology found in each of the five engines that equip the new A8, Audi’s flagship has all the right moves – at least on paper – to at least shake its competitors from their towering positions in the segment as far as sales are concerned.

However, those looking to buy the new Audi A8 will have to wait until late November to have one delivered. Audi says it will open order books on October 5, when customers will be able to chose between the 286 hp 3-liter TDI and the 340 hp 3-liter TFSI.

The entry-level Audi A8’s pricing list kicks off at €90,600 for the standard wheelbase model, while the elongated A8 L variant requires at least €94,100.

Until you get the chance to experience one in the metal, we strongly suggest having a lot at the video below. We trust you’ll like what you see.

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