Mercedes G 500 4×4² made more ladylike with pink wrap, 24-inch Forgiato wheels


This is probably the world’s only pink G 500 4×4² and the only one owned by a lady

The Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×4² is one of the manliest vehicles to have, and that makes it a favorite project for aftermarket companies that want to make it look even more rugged than it already is.


But the fact that many guys dream about the G 500 4×4² doesn't necessarily mean the ladies are not interested in it. Hypothetical question: what would a female hair stylist do to the monster off-roader to make it more ladylike?

Painting it pink would be a good start, right? Well, by now chances are you may have realized this isn't a hypothetical case — it's just what a hair stylist from Florida decided to do with her G 500 4×4².


Chances are this is the world's only only pink G 500 4×4² and the only one owned by a lady. By the looks of it, Ms. Chloe from South Florida is doing remarkably well in her line of work — as a reminder, the extreme off-roader was priced from just under $226,000 when it was available.

A look at her Instagram page reveals that the car was white with stock wheels when she bought it, but she later had the lifted G-Wagen wrapped in a pink hue that likely suited her lifestyle better. To make the G500 4×4² even more unique, she opted for a set of 24-inch Forgiato Terra Series Gambe-1 wheels in a pink-and-black hue to match the wrap.


The flashy, massive wheels are shod with chunky 37-inch tires, making the G 500 4×4² an eyeful (or eyesore, depending on who's looking) wherever Ms. Chloe drives it. One thing you can be assured of: once you've seen the pink monster, it's hard to unsee it.