NVIDIA Independently Shows Off Self-Driving Car Tech at CES 2017

Its presentation videos for the project is one of the most convincing to date, showing a happy, relaxed driver that taps along to the music on the radio

While NVIDIA may be signing partnerships with established automakers to sell its autonomous driving-ready tech, the microchip maker is also doing its own thing on the side. Using a Lincoln sedan as the automotive base, NVIDIA went ahead and installed its latest self-driving supercomputer in it and dubbed the vehicle BB8.

We don’t have that many tech details regarding it, but watching the short official video, it almost looks ready to hit the road. And we’re not really that far off, as the technical solutions to make it happen are already here and working – they just need to be made fool proof, as well as supported by solid legal framework; this latter part is definitely going to be very difficult to get right the first time out.

The NVIDIA video posted below is unique in that it uses joyous music and shows a happy driver humming along to the music and tapping his hand along. It tries to convey a sense that the driver is relaxed and enjoying the role of semi-active passenger while in the driver’s seat.