Oddball 2006 Bayliff Packard looking for owner

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An owner who will constantly be asked what (and why) it is

Bayliff Coach Corporation is the company that in 1978 bought the rights to the Packard name (by that time the company was already gone) and started making GM-based replicas of Packard models. So that means this Lincoln Town Car-based example from 2006 that’s now on sale on eBay is linked to the original company, no matter how ridiculous it may look to you.

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According to the sale ad, it is based on a 2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series and has 48,000 original miles on its odometer; it was kept in a garage and driven only in good weather. Its owner says the paintwork is perfect, but that there are a couple of spots where paint has started bubbling.

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Its interior is all Lincoln, but with a big Packard badge plonked on the steering wheel. At least it’s in good condition and reportedly still smells new. Power comes from a 4.6-liter V8 and everything is in working order and the owner encourages buyers to “fly in and drive it away.”

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