Please pay attention to the road ahead

luckiest unluckiest guys ever

A powerful reminder of why you always should

You mind finding a bit disturbing the clip below, due to its brutal nature. Rest assured, though, that no one was killed. Which is simply amazing.

The incident happened on a Toronto highway, and involved a stationary truck (with people in, and near it) and a high-speeding car, resulting in a tremendously powerful crash that sent the truck’s rear axle flying into the air.

The truck was previously involved in a hit-and-run and was waiting to be lifted on the platform — from which this clip was filmed. Due to the camera angle, and poor film quality, we can’t see if the hit-and-run victim (or the platform operator) placed warning signs on that lane, but there’s hardly any excuse for the white vehicle driver — except for a stroke, maybe. It’s clear he, or she wasn’t paying attention to the road ahead, as there doesn’t seem to be any intent in braking or avoiding the several-thousand-pound obstacle.

Needless to say, the three were very, very happy to get out of this ordeal alive, especially the truck passenger and the man sitting next to the car.

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