Putin’s limo looks prepared to handle all the love of his people

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Code-name Kortezh, the new presidential car is a sign of the times

Heads of state usually look towards Germany for their official cars, unless they're more on the dictatorial (or royal) side and go for a Rolls-Royce instead. Putin's ambitions required an entire range of luxury cars, developed and built in Russia

Putin's inauguration for his latest term as Russia's leader had all the panache of a coronation. This time, it included the new presidential limousine, code-named Kortezh, an armored luxury car that's the first in a long line destined to shuttle Russia's high officials safely through throngs of happy people smiling and waving their hands in harmony.

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More information about the car will be announced shortly, but we already know that development started in 2013, and was almost entirely a Russian affair involving the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute (NAMI) research center in Moscow. Almost, because under that huge hood stands an 850-hp engine developed in cooperation with Porsche. The Kortezh should be able to withstand machine gun attacks, RPGs, and improvised explosive devices while hauling its passengers in total comfort and luxury.

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An entire range of luxury armored cars is now in development, as part of Russia's effort to get rid of its dependence on foreign luxury goods. Expect to have another, smaller sedan, a minivan and an SUV joining the limo for a total production of around 5,000 units for the entire Russian state. It remains to be seen if Russian oligarchs and billionaires will have the right to buy such armored cars for their private use, as it was the custom in the past.

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We'll update this article as soon as we find out what the cars' performances really are.

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