See how much faster the Tesla Model S P100D is versus 100D


On paper it’s over a second quicker to 60 mph

Tesla offers its most extreme Model S, the P100D, at a $36,000 premium over the 100D variant.

Both have dual-motor all-wheel drive but the P100D is one full second faster to 60 mph. That’s because it uses what Tesla calls a high performance motor for the rear wheels and this results in a sprint time of around 2.5 seconds.

But how does that translate into actual acceleration? The short answer is that the Performance model is much faster and leaves the 100D (which sprints to sixty in around 3.5 seconds) for dead as per this drag race video.

So you pay a lot more for a P100D, but if you want hypercar levels of acceleration it’s definitely worth every penny.

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