So here’s how a proper lowrider semi truck should look like


No, it can’t bounce, unfortunately

As far as the common conception lets us know, trucking and lowriders are born in America but, interestingly, the daring concept of juxtapositioning the two comes from Finland.


What we’ve stumbled upon here is suggestively called “Lowrider,” a Mercedes Actros 2663 hauler turned show truck in the most impressive way. We guess the figures you’re searching for aren’t power related, but here they are anyway: this semi runs a 15.6-liter flat-six diesel engine packing 625 metric horsepower (460 kW) and 3,000-Newtons-meter of torque (that’s about 2,200 lb-ft). So, yeah, it can pull all right.


But again, the numbers that truly stand out here are these: 6,000 (hours of work were required to turn a bland Actros into this Lowrider), and 450,000 (Euros is the gross estimate of the materials used).


Also, 35% is the street cred increase for using Danny Trejo’s face on the cab but that’s just us. The detail of this work is stunning, to say the least, you simply can’t get bored looking at it. It’s a mountain of masterful craft, that’s what this Finnish Lowrider is. If you want to follow Mika Auvinen's special trucks (of course there are more!) you can follow him on Facebook.

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