The entire Lambo Spring Summer 2018 collection values as much as an Audi A1

2018.02.15 lamborghini 2018 collection

Surprisingly enough, some of the items are quite accessible

Like almost any car manufacturer nowadays, Lamborghini is also selling clothing and accessories. That’s what the clip below ― featuring a muscular dude scrutinizing the horizon, looking lost ― is about: the new, ’18 Spring and Summer collection.

Owning a Lamborghini means you have some money in your pocket, but, judging by its price tags, the clothing & accessories collection is meant for (mostly) everyone. I mean, a Lamborghini cap is around €40. At the opposite end, a €920 leather jacket (featuring hexagonal perforations, carbon fiber zip pull) is something only a Lamborghini owner would probably acquire.

If you want to enrich your wardrobe with all the items featured in the 2018 collection, get ready to drop around €17,000 from your bank account. We've used our own car finder to see what cars can you buy for that kind of money. This makes no sense, but I thought that's just what some who doesn't own a Lambo would do.