The Mech battle for the ages: MegaBots vs Kuratas

MegaBots vs Suidobashi Kuratas 06

The Japanese Kuratas robot fights against Americans Iron Glory and Eagle Prime. Who won?

Yes, this was the most eagerly awaited battle of the year. Forget about the Maywhatever vs McDonalds fight earlier this year. What all the virgins geeks in the world wanted to see was this duel: Kuratas vs MegaBots!

It was a battle that spent two years in the making. In the right corner, two of America's finest bots: Iron Glory, a 15 ft (4.5 m) tall, 6-ton fighter and Eagle Prime, a 16 ft (4.9 m) tall, 12-ton behemoth. Both equipped with lethal weapons: while Iron Glory could shoot three-pound (1.3 kg) paintball projectiles at more than 130 mph (210 km/h), enough to seriously damage his opponent's body panels.

The massive Eagle Prime also comes packed with a lot of goodies, some of which are a 430-hp Corvette engine, a scary logging grapple and a monster chainsaw that can cut open through metal sheets.

MegaBots vs Suidobashi Kuratas

In the left corner, Suidobashi Heavy Industries' Kuratas, a 13 ft (4 m) tall, 6.5-ton robot with a focus on agility and superior firepower: its 87-hp engine allows for a top speed of 18 mph, and its giant, half-ton metal arm (the Ichigeki Fist) can be used as a battering ram if needed. It also comes with an 18 mm machine gun that can disable the opponent's cameras.


There were two duels. Each duel got 1 point for a knockout and 2 points for disabling the opponent. Here's how everything went, by the way. Action starts at 7:16 for the first duel and at 13:00 for the second.

Now, both teams hope to start a world competition of mech warriors. Would you want to watch it? Because we're sold. And if the Russians decide to join the fight, well, all the virgins in the world would be rather happy. Us included.