The reason Bugatti Veyron’s wheels need to be torqued at exactly 88 lb-ft

bugatti veyron donut

Plus: the most expensive burnout in the world

The dude at Daily Driven Exotics had one very rare opportunity of sliding around in a Bugatti Veyron, shredding its ultra-expensive rubber in the process. Obviously, he took it!

The Veyron has the third most expensive tires known to humankind, the first two being huge mining vehicles. The 365-mm wide Michelin Pilot Sport PAX set you back over $40,000 per set — and each forth tire change comes with a stress test for cracks in the rims. And because this particular Veyron is an uber-exquisite Linea spec — its wheels alone are “about 160 grand” — it needs to be flown to France for service.

bugatti veyron wheel torquing

Now, if you didn’t skip to 8:30 for the smoky action, you might have heard is Bugatti so keen on torquing Veyron’s wheels with the exact amount of force: a bit too much input and the studs would be shot out at 200 mph. The more you know.

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