VW Golf GTD gets destroyed by Amarok V6 in diesel drag race

Keep in mind the Amarok is a pickup truck and the GTD is a torquey warm hatch

Drag races are worth watching when the result is unexpected and this one falls into that category, pitting a Volkswagen Amarok V6 3.0-liter pickup against a Golf GTD. You’d expect the small, light and fairly powerful hatchback to sail past the farm-friendly Amarok, but you’d be wrong.

In V6 guise at least, the VW Amarok has no problem keeping the Golf at bay – in the video posted here, you can see the pickup launches itself ahead of the hatch from the very start and keeps the lead all the way to the start, crossing the 400-meter marker almost a second faster than the Golf.

Yes, its trap speed is lower, and the Golf will probably eventually catch up and pass it due to aerodynamics, but in a quarter-mile drag race, the Amarok pips it to the post.

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