Watch how Ford tortures every component of its new 2019 Ranger pickup

2019 ford ranger pickup truck

It has to, so the “built tough” claim sticks

The US-bound Ford Ranger is out of the box and so is the Ranger Raptor. But now, Ford wants you to see how it puts the 2019 Ranger through its paces in all sorts of environments.

Heat, cold and very irregular terrain are just some of the training areas Ford selected for the new 2019 Ranger, where engineers target the pickup truck’s every bit and bob.

That’s right, it’s not just the suspension Ford is giving a pounding, but the whole car has to suffer before it can hit the streets and off-road trails and act tough. Therefore, everything must perform flawlessly, whether we’re talking about the high-strength steel frame, the EcoBoost powerplant or the seats.

Lab tests are also on the menu. For example, the Ranger was placed on a shaker table and kept there for days, allowing engineers to look for possible squeaks and rattles – which nobody wants in a new car, right?

Anyway, it’s best you watch the video below for the full abuse:

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