Watch Russia’s extreme Sherp ATV give up the fight with Texas clay


The all-terrain vehicle with skid steering is not invincible, after all

The Russian-made Sherp is a cute looking all-terrain vehicle with insane off-road capabilities. It's just 3.4-meters (133.85-in) long, but it has a width of 2,520 mm (99.21 in) and an identical height of 2,520 mm (99.21), which means it stands out in any company.


If this is the first time you see it, you should also know that it can easily overcome boulders, fallen trees, and any other type of obstacle that's up to 700-mm (27.5-in) high. It can even float on water at speeds of up to 6 km/h (3.7 mph), pass marches and deep snow, and can transition from water to ice like it was nothing.

A lot of its impressive capability is due to the enormous 63-inch tires but, as it turns out, the Sherp is not actually invincible. Some guys brought one to the U.S. and wanted to see if it can tackle the infamous Texas clay.


It's safe to say the aluminum-bodied, 1.3-tonne little monster powered by a 44-hp 1.5-liter Kubota four-cylinder diesel engine met its match in the sticky, wet clay.

As the following video reveals, the Sherp needed to be winched away from the nasty clay pit. Nevertheless, it might have been able to get out on its own if the crew had given it eight more hours — that's how painfully slow its progress was.

Via Jalopnik

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