We all die eventually, so why not reach our resting place in this 6×6 hearse?

mortis 6x6 hearse

At least a stiff ride won’t be an issue anymore

Ironically, this truck’s nickname is Mortis (we can’t tell you anything about the rigor part, though) and was built out of scrap bits and bobs.

Hearses come in all shapes and sizes. They started out as carriages and evolved to a point where they’ve become iterations of road cars: Mercs, Cadillacs or Lincolns. You get the picture.

But a 6×6 hearse with monster truck pedigree is something you don’t see everyday. Unless, of course, you happen to stumble upon it in the Idaho outback, where Jimmy Driver, well, drives the 10 feet high, 20,000 lb (north of 9,000 kilos) heavy piece of machinery.

Strolling around is done with the help of 60-inch tires attached to three axles held by a 1967 Caddy hearse chassis he bought for $600, according to Barcroft Cars. Some of its other parts came from school buses and tractors.

That being said, head below to the video and hear what Mortis’ maker has to say about his creation.

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