We made a BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe because why not?

Come on, admit it, you wanted to see what it was like with four doors, we won’t tell anyone you’re into that

BMW has just revealed the 8-Series close-to-production concept, a two-door luxo coupe setting its sights on the Mercedes S-Class two-door. However, looking at the car (which to my eyes borrows a lot from Aston Martin) I started to wonder what a Rapide version of the concept would look like.

And without further ado, here it is: stretched, with two extra doors and a new roofline which I most certainly didn’t cut and borrow from a 4-Series Gran Coupe side profile shot…

To my eye it could totally pull the whole four-door coupe trick with ease, even if this rendering doesn’t really do a model like that justice. And BMW being BMW I’m pretty sure is probably right now thinking whether or not a four-door 8-Series would be worth the extra development cost – or not and this would then have been a totally pointless exercise and photo shop job.

Rendering by Andrei Nedelea