Who said BMW X5 can’t be a cool, potent offroader?

bmw x5 offroad

Well, everybody, except maybe for Kostik here

The fourth-generation BMW X5 is here, better than ever in what a Sports Utility /Activity Vehicle can do, minus the off-road part.

The X5 was never an off-roader, and will probably never be. Well, not in production guise at least. But Kostik, the guy behind AcademeG got his hands on a first-gen Bimmer SUV and wondered just how good an off-roader would it make. Said and done.

Obviously, some changes have been made — like cutting off the top and adding huge, cartoonish wheels — with an impressively enticing result, we may add.

If you want to see the detailed story and you happen to be a Russian speaker, check out the clip below. For some more off-road action, head to 17:35.

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