Your spectacular Need for Speed Payback launch trailer is here; first reviews also in


With days to go before release, Electronic Arts is building the hype

Electronic Arts may be have of the gaming industry’s worst public images which it got in recent years by churning out uninspired titles, some under the Need for Speed franchise, yet its latest NFS game dubbed Payback promises to improve things.


The game is an open-world title that’s quite similar to Forza Horizon, but it’s been infused with a Fast 7-esque story involving crews, heists and actual characters whose name you’re expected to remember.


Set to launch November 10, the game got its official launch trailer to start building the hype prior to its release. And if you’ve been following the game over the past year, you’ll know what it’s about and why there’s a big chance it’s actually a title worthwhile playing even in the company of other very talented rival games.


However, the first batch of reviews out seems to suggest it’s at best an average title with coinsistent scores around 6 out of 10 on all the major sites. Scroll down to see the slew of reviews too, but only after you’ve seen the over-the-top action-packed trailer.

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