Base-spec Mercedes-Benz A-Class looks like an upset Dacia Sandero

base spec 2018 mercedes-benz a-class

For how long can you look at it without shedding a tear?

Luckily, this oddity is just another example of pixel manipulation but by God, it is so, so wrong.

The compact segment is not what it used to be. Besides the cars getting fatter, they're also poised to adopt technologies that a couple of years ago customers would only get on a carmaker's flagship model.

For example, VW fitted the revised 2017 Golf with gesture control and an active info display and with the new 2018 A-Class Mercedes is bringing S-Class-grade tech to its compact game in the form of a widescreen display dominating the dashboard.

A-Klasse Mercedes base spec

But somehow, X-Tomi decided to go against the grain, so he came up with a plastic-clad, ugly as sin version of the A-Class which could very well wear the Dacia logo without most people spotting the difference.

You'll get your chance to examine the picture later, but since we stepped into Mercedes territory and the 2018 Geneva Motor Show is practically knocking at the door, it's worth noting that in two weeks' time we'll see the four-door AMG GT and the revised 2019 C-Class.

Oh, and here's something for your hurting eyes: the 2018 A-Class imagined as hot AMG A45, coupé and cabriolet.