Forza Horizon 4 creators came up with a solution to ignore the in-game trolls


No one’s going to ruin your fun in FH4

If you’ve ever played an online game you know just how much of a turnoff trolls can be. Just like everywhere else, these people beg for attention by stamping on your game. And game developers are coming up with restrictions solutions, including the Forza Horizon 4 creator, Playground Games.


In a recent interview with IGN, game designers Mike Brown and Ben Thaker-Fell explained how Forza Horizon 4’s ‘shared world’ is going to work for all involved. Just like GTA’s Passive mode that makes you a ghost for other players (and vice-versa), in FH4 the other players will be ghosts by default, except for the ones in your friend list.


Plus, if you’re not in the mood for human contact of any kind, you can always continue the game off-line, although “it’s much better played with people,” Brown says. These are compelling arguments that Forza Horizon 4 can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their social mood.


In case you’ve missed out on the Forza Horizon 4 topic, here’s a brief description: it takes place in the UK, and it features dynamic seasons, over 450 cars, and the possibility to buy houses or businesses.

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