Here’s a V12 1933 Chevy hotrod pumped with German flair

chevy master special hotrod

It started out as a barn find

This used to be a Chevrolet Master Special sedan but it was turned into a hotrod with the help of a very passionate owner and a V12 BMW M70.

BMW’s M70 engine was Munich’s first production V12 and we’re sure nobody at BMW thought it would eventually power a hotrod.

Enter Mattias Saikkonen and his 1933 Chevy hotrod currently roaming the roads of Sweden. Yes, Sweden. How come, you might ask?

Well, Mattias’ father always had a soft spot for American hotrods which eventually rubbed off on his son. Funny thing, Mattias’ first car was an Mk1 Volkswagen Jetta he customized to the max.

Initially, he used a 350 ci small block V8 engine to breathe some life into his hotrod, but then moved on to more serious firepower, hence the addition of four more cylinders courtesy of the BMW-sourced V12 powerplant.

Oh, and you know what other component is also BMW-sourced? The transmission: a five-speed manual donated by an E36 M3 tweaked, of course, to work with the V12.

Here’s the whole story as told by Mattias himself:

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