Pur Sang Bugatti Type 35 will make you forget about the Chiron

Bridging this generation gap is a beautiful thing to do

Call the Bugatti Chiron whatever you may like, automotive wonder or pinnacle of engineering, but the visceral Pur Sang Bugatti Type 35 is the actual thief of hearts.

But before we get into specifics, a little bit of background.

There's a company in Argentina going by the name of Pur Sang which specializes in building classic cars from a blank page. Their products are neither restored models, nor replicas if you ask us. What they create is more correctly described as a new build.

Among their works is a Bugatti Type 35 and when your name is Chris Harris, you get to drive it next to the Bugatti Chiron. Oh, and by the way, Pur Sang's Bugatti Type 35 is estimated at around £250,000 (roughly $328,000) but the video below should convince you that the extravagant price tag is totally worth it.

Now, those of you who've watched Mr. Harris' car reviews know the man is not easily lost for words. But after some time behind the wheel of the Pur Sang Bugatti Type 35, even he decides it's better to shut up and smile. Wise man.

If we managed to startle your apetite for Bugattis, here's an eccentric, Baja-ready Chiron from Pixel Land.