Rimac C_Two drops with 1,914 electrifying HP, enough torque to move mountains

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Just when we thought Geneva’s red carpet couldn’t get more extreme

Rimac dropped a comprehensive photo gallery showing the C_Two in all its splendor but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Croatia’s mad all-electric supercar – that is, the spec sheet.

Right, where do we start? First, make a mental note that says C_Two is not a concept. Because it is not. It can hit the road as we speak and Rimac hopes to build at least 150 units of it.

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At the very core, C_Two uses carbon fiber for a super-strong, ultra-light monocoque strengthened with more carbon fiber and aluminum. Carbon fiber is also the material of choice for the body.

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C_Two sits on electronically controlled dampers and each wheel gets its own electric motor, so all-wheel drive is present together with torque-vectoring. Overall power output stands at 1,914 hp while peak torque comes in at 1,696 lb-ft (2,300 Nm), a massive jump from the Concept One’s 1,224 hp which were not to ignore to begin with.

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But hear this one: power flows to the front wheels via two single-speed gearboxes while the rear axle is fed with torque through two double-speed carbon-clutch transmissions. Backed by this kind of gear, C_Two needs just 1.85 seconds to obliterate the 0-60 mph (96 km/h) interval and can hit 258 mph (415 km/h) when needed.

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Rimac literature says it C_Two can go for 403 miles (km) on a single charge, but that’s more likely to happen with a very-light-footed driver behind the wheel. Nevertheless, it can recharge its 120 kWh battery pack to 80% in about an hour, provided it’s connected to a 250 kW fast charging network, but at the same time, the powertrain/drivetrain arrangement needs seven cooling setups and all sorts of breathers to keep temperature at the optimum level.

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We can’t even decide what’s more spectacular about the car? The fact that it relies on 72 electronic control units and processors – together, they provide the same computing power as 22 MacBook Pro laptops, or about 64.4 GHz – or the stylish cabin dominated by three generous-size touchscreen displays.

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