Skoda Kamiq crossover revealed in China

skoda kamiq china

More SUVs to follow, of course

Skoda's Kamiq slots under the Karoq and with its launch, the Czech carmaker is looking to solidify its grasp on the Chinese market. Given the full swing of the segment globally, not just in China, chances are the strategy will work like a charm, especially since China has been the manufacturer's largest single market since 2010.

It's important for the newcomer to spawn a different design than that of its range peers, the larger Karoq and Kodiaq, otherwise Skoda risks of jumping the Matrioska doll bandwagon – check out Audi's and Mercedes' lineups for further reference.

The Czechs say they've done that by throwing in a pair of independently-shaped headlights and taillights while retaining the overall crease-etched metal.

The press blurb, however, doesn't say much but we can tell you that the Kamiq sits on the same versatile MQB platform. In Europe, it is likely to inherit the same engine lineup as available for the Skoda Karoq, as well as similar interior styling cues.

Coming back to the engines topic, Europeans could be able to get the Kamiq with the 1-liter and 1.5-liter petrol units complemented by the 1.6-liter and 2-liter diesel mills, with power outputs varying from 113 to 187 hp. The transmision of choice would be a six-speed manual but the optional seven-speed DSG might also be on the table for higher-output versions.

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