The Crew 2 game progression system will keep you busy for months

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Becoming an ICON is easy. Topping the game is the hard part

The Crew 2 is in full swing now, rendering again America as the perfect playground for your car (or plane, boat, helicopter, hovercraft, monster truck, motorcycle, you name it).

Probably considering the previous title’s success, Ubisoft really milked exploited this new one. Firstly, it’s the vehicle upgrade system — similar to what Need For Speed Payback thought a car game should be — that brings RPG elements into the racing arcade genre.

Secondly, it’s the player leveling system that turns it up to 9999. Nope, it’s not a typo. Let us explain.

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In The Crew 2, everything you do — compete in races, do stunts in free roam — will get you followers. More followers means a better social status. You start off as a Rookie, then become Popular, Famous, before turning into a Star, then an Icon.


For most people, becoming an Icon is enough of an achievement. In The Crew 2, however, you’re barely starting your journey, because the Icon status is followed by Icon 2, then Icon 3 and so on, to Icon 9999. And because progressing without any kind of reward is boring, Ubisoft gave this area an RPG twist as well.

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Your character receives an Icon point every time you reach a higher level, which you can invest three different areas: Comfort, Vehicle, and Gameplay. Each of these has several attributes to enhance.

For example, each time you upgrade the Rich attribute, you get 0.1% more bucks at the end of a race. Under the Vehicle column, you find attributes like Bulldozer (increased collision impact) or Muddy (decreases bumps and deceleration in offroad). The Gameplay area is mainly about score multipliers.


There are 26 attributes upgradeable by 25, so by reaching Icon 650, you’ll max them all out. However, the first four lines under the Comfort column can be upgraded as many times as you want, the game lets us know. That means you have 9,349 icon points left for those attributes — which are Rich (already explained), Popular (increases followers gains by 0.1% per Icon point), Goldfinger (increases Loot drop by 0.1% per point), and Lucky (increases Loot quality by 0.1% per point).

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Rewards are also given for reaching specific milestones. Icon 100 will get you a free car, and every time you add 100 to your Icon level a free ride is given, and it caps at Icon 600; so there are six free cars waiting for you here. In between, you're rewarded with car parts.

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