The VW Tiguan Allspace is basically an iPhone Plus

2018 vw tiguan allspace

We didn’t say it, Mat Watson did

Remember when VW vowed to fill the brand’s global portfolio with 19 crossovers? Well, the Tiguan is one of them, together with its Allspace version.

What is a Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace? First of all, it slots between the Touareg and the regular Tiguan. Secondly, it’s a seven-seater, also available in the US and China, where it is simply known as the Tiguan (that's because these markets don't get the normal-wheelbase Tiguan like Europe does).

Just as you’d imagine, the engine range is carried over from the standard Tiguan but the Allspace promises it can haul as much as 1,920 liters worth of cargo thanks to the said longer wheelbase and extra length.

Moreover, you can have it with either a manual – but that’s only coming with the entry-level 1.4-liter turbo petrol – or a dual-clutch DSG transmission. 4Motion all-wheel drive is, of course, on the menu as well.

Oh, and the Tiguan Allspace is a tad more expensive than his five-seat brother. Now, carwow’s question was if the extra amenities are worth the price bump and subsequently, if the upgrade to a Tiguan Allspace makes sense.

Find out the verdict below:

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