This daring BMW X2 ad is actually no-nonsense

It says a lot about the car, and even something about the society. Deep, right?

BMW just pulled off an X2 commercial that’s entirely in tune with the model it advertises: boldness.

“What is daring,” you probably ask yourself rhetorically now. The German brand asked the same question whenx produced this spot, apparently. And, well, boldness nowadays might be, um, hard to understand.




Firstly, it means rising above status — just like the X2 does. No one who thinks of this car manufacturer’s models is referring to its SACs (which is SUV, only in BMW language). Somehow the jacked-up BMW cars retain a bit of the brand’s sporting spirit.

It also means to invent yourself. You know, just like UKL2 FWD/AWD platform did. No one would’ve thought a front-wheel BMW could be a BMW at all, yet here they are, still able to squeeze smiles on a driver’s face.

It means being unique as well. This is quite a hard one, actually. We all think we’re unique only to find out we’re actually repeating what others have already done before us. We’re not unique, BMW. We’re all the same, doing things in familiar patterns. Unfortunately, being "unique" for some of us humans means bashing heads with baseball bats.

Being daring can also mean never running from risk. Just like the future X2 owners who already know they’re going to be mocked regarding their decision to buy a front-wheel-drive BMW fatso. Even if you choose an xDrive version, the mockery will still be there, friend. Or, you know, maybe that girl’s name is “Risk.”

“Be the hunter, not the hunted” might, of course, mean destroying octopus robots but can also hint to pursuing your goals. Just maybe.




There may be more to say about this commercial, but I'm going to stop here and let the art critics continue my work. Wrapping it up, the ad for the X2 sends the right message about the car (and a lot other actual, society-related ones), as long as you can see past all that gold-coated, haute-couture-like presentation.

If you want to know facts about the X2, read this article.

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