This is what the BMW X4M will look like


The look of BMW’s near future models isn’t a mystery for anyone anymore

BMW has just revealed the all-new second-gen X4 which looks exactly like the renderings that previewed it.

We know the automaker is going to make a hot X4M variant out of it, and based on past experience, it will look pretty much identical to this rendering by X-Tomi.

It will be lowered, feature big rims and brakes, have widened wheelarches, aggressive bumpers and side skirts plus the obligatory badging and black trim instead of chrome; that’s exactly what this rendering portrays.

When it does debut, the X4M will be powered by a development of the S55 six-cylinder turbo engine called S58 – the unit is related to the B58 engine that powers BMW’s 40i branded models and its power output is estimated at around 475 hp. We tried the B58 engine in the M140i, M240i, 340i xDrive and 540i xDrive models.


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