Watch how a cardboard BMW M10 engine takes shape in this time-lapse video

bmw m10 cardboard engine

This is what sheer dedication looks like

If you’re a BMW fan, or you if like automotive history, then you probably know everything about the M10 four-cylinder engine.

For the rest, here’s a very short briefing: it’s one of the most important engines built by the Bavarian brand, with a vast array of applications and guises, from the iconic BMW 2002 to the 1,500-hp Brabham Formula 1 car.

But we’re here now for a man called Mark W Zak and his creation — a 1:1 scale of the M10 made exclusively from cardboard. Not 3D printed, no fancy stuff, just cardboard “welding.” But you need to see this 5-minute time-lapse video to see just how much attention to detail Mark put in his work. It’s mindblowing.

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via BMW Blog