Google related car articles
volvo s90
Will cars be cars anymore or rather smartphones?
By Tudor Rus |
Google Paid Car Project Staffers So Much That They Quit
A recent report shows that Google paid bonuses in the millions
By Alexandru Gugoasa |
Google's Waymo Reveals Chrysler Pacifica-Based Autonomous Car
Looking like four-wheeled Beluga whales
By Tudor Rus |
Google Stops Making Whatever Ugly Self-Driving Car It Was Making, Spins Off Waymo
The no-wheel, no-pedals car is dead for now; Waymo will push self-driving tech to others
By Adrian Mihaltianu |
Future Google Maps to Add Parking Difficulty Information
It will offer live information useful for those not familiar with a given destination and its parking constraints
By Andrei Nedelea |
Google Cars Are Taught to Read Hand Signals
Cyclists, here’s one for you: the Google cars will be more polite than the human drivers
By Andrei Stirbu |
Move Over Google, Uber Wants To Develop Its Own Digital Map System
Significant investment included
By Tudor Rus |
Toyota clears the way for autonomous cars with new map generation scheme
It was only earlier this year when Toyota introduced the low-cost Safety Sense, using the RAV4 Hybrid's launch as a debut platform
By Tudor Rus |
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