Can you guess what Hyundai optional feature is depicted here?

marten protection

It’s quite simple. Scary, but simple

During the research for the 5 Best New Cheap Cars article (soon on DriveMag YouTube), our man Iulian stumbled upon the scariest depiction for a car-related feature ever: the rodent protection.

Hyundai’s German website comes with a configurator in which the equipment is exemplified by a picture. Yes, exactly, just like almost any brand’s website. Our target was the i10 this time, for which we’ve consulted the starting and the equipment prices. Do you know who else sees the tiny i10 as a target, only for the wrong reasons? The marten from hell, that’s who!

New Hyundai i10 (1)

The marten-repellant system (available for €84) includes a special scent to drive away unwelcome guests, and an ultrasonic device emitting ultrasound tones. However, if you live in a bad neighborhood, where genetically-modified rodents (just like this little fella picture above here) roam at night, looking for people, trees or cars to chew on, Hyundai can help you out with an enhanced version of the same system.


For €167, besides the scented repellant and the ultrasound modulator, it comes with an electrical impulse generator that activates upon touch. It doesn’t say how powerful that electrical impulse is but the description says “extremely low power consumption,” so it shouldn't kill the animal. Although, if a marten looks like the one in the picture, encountering one becomes a kill-or-be-killed situation, and I’d sleep better at night knowing that my Hyundai takes care of it for me.

New Hyundai i10 (2)

Despite its aggressive stance against abusive rodents, Hyundai has a whole lot of friendly offers in its lineup. Here’s our test drive impressions for the ‘Smooth Operator’ Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, and the ‘smart casual young superstar’ Hyundai i30.

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