Someone turned supercars into off-roaders and they’re awesome

bugatti chiron

We’d absolutely take these babies on a bumpy ride should they ever materialize

We’re not big fans of hunchback SUVs but when it comes to pixel manipulation done right, we’re willing to accept even the craziest ideas, even when they include a Bugatti Chiron turned extreme beach buggy.

Let’s face it: although fans call it Godzilla, the Nissan GT-R is approaching the end of a long career filled with popularity. sBut wouldn’t you like to see it blazing through a rally stage, doing what Godzilla does best? That is, bring destruction and having fun in the process? Well, you can now.


The same goes for Ferrari. Yes, they’re very close to launching an SUV that will rival the Lamborghini Urus, yet a toughened-up Ferrari 488 might tickle the fancy of a new customer base, especially since their new SUV will most likely never leave the safety of the asphalt.

ferrari 488

Or how about Tesla’s Roadster? No, not the one sent into space by Elon Musk, but an extensively tweaked deviation capable of putting its instant torque and all-wheel drive capabilities to the test off the beaten path.

tesla roadster

And maybe instead of Roadster, they’d call it the Mudster or the Rockster, because Duster is already taken by Dacia.

On a more personal note, we think the Bugatti Chiron and the Nissan GT-R win the beauty contest as far as extreme off-road versions are concerned, but what do you think?

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