FORD F-150

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    The origins of the Ford trucks can be traced back in the 1910s when the automaker converted the Model T into a pickup naming it Ford Model TT. The truck had a cargo capacity of one ton back in the day, which, if you can imagine, was no small accomplishment for that era.

    Ford introduced the first generation of the F-Series trucks to the United States in 1948, and they were known as the Ford Bonus-Built trucks. Ford launched the first all-new truck platform with eight different models.

    The first generation F-Series trucks carried the designations of F-1 through F-8. They were rated by weight as panel trucks, conventional trucks, school buses, cab-over-engine, and also the pickup truck.

    Engine options ranged from a 95-horsepower V6 to a 100-horsepower V8. Ford equipped each truck with a manual transmission, and they featured driver and passenger side windshield wipers and a foot-plunger windshield washer.

    The Sixth Generation is the one that changed truck history forever. This generation lasted between 1973 and 1979. Significant changes and upgrades were given to the Series that included larger cabins, front disc brakes, a relocated gas tank outside the cab, improved heating and air, and more galvanized steel. Also during this time, the 4-wheel-drive SuperCab made its debut.

    Along with the Eighth Generation, Ford introduced in 1987 the 5-speed manual transmission, and the 4-speed was discontinued.

    The Ninth Generation was made between 1992 and 1996, and the F-Series received a new facelift.

    This generation marked Fords 75th anniversary of its 1917 Ford Model TT, and Ford offered an anniversary package on its 1992 F-Series that included a 75th Anniversary Special Logo.

    In 1993, Ford introduced the SVT Lightning version, which was a specially-tuned performance truck driven by a 5.8 liters V8 engine and 240 hp paired with 4-speed automatic transmission from the F-350. They built over 11,000 units between 1993 and 1995.

    F-Series trucks began with a humble, utilitarian look and excellent practicality. Throughout the generations, Ford refined the design adding a lot of extra features for comfort and security.

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